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Dr Semaan obtained his Dental degree from Sydney University, Australia. He went on to obtain his Master of Dental Science in Orthodontics degree at the University of Western Australia. He then obtained a Postgraduate Diploma of Business at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia during which time he started him up his own business – Clear Smiles Orthodontics – which is situated on the Gold Coast, Australia where he is the only doctor on site. Dr Semaan and his team use clear aligners to treat almost 90% of their patients and start over 800 new clear aligner cases each year with nearly 3000 treated patients in clear aligners.
Dr Semaan began using Dental monitoring in 2016. He is currently monitoring over 450 patients with an estimated 800 patients by the end of this year.
He is also a visiting lecturer to the post graduate residents at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA and an assistant professor at the European University College, Dubai where he is currently conducting research on the effectiveness of Dental Monitoring app.
He has lectured on orthodontics throughout Asia, North America, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and across Australia. He is passionate about helping others appreciate the many advantages clear aligners have over fixed appliance therapy.  In his very little spare time, he enjoys Mauy Thai kick boxing, watching movies and spending time with his wife and 6 children.

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